Asking for help may be scary, but it’s also one of the bravest things you can do.”

You can find resources our Find Help page or on The Trevor Project’s Resources page. 

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Photo Set

I take alot of pictures of my baby. I love her so.

Photo Set

Adventures in bumpysitting.


""When someone becomes a celebrity, it dehumanizes them in my eyes, which makes it OK for me to feel nothing when I steal from them."
When you see an attractive person on a bus or at a coffee shop, maybe you have the restraint or basic human decency to think, “Boy, that person is good-looking, but oh well I’ll just move on with my life.” But if that person was Jennifer Lawrence, a FAMOUS PERSON who knows OTHER FAMOUS PEOPLE, you suddenly feel entitled to see her naked.
It’s based on this idea of a contract that all celebrities have allegedly signed. “When she took out her personal camera, snapped a photo of her breasts, and sent them to her boyfriend who happened to be several thousand miles away, she KNEW there would be a risk that I would eventually be able to see them on my iPad, while sitting on the toilet. We entered into this agreement together the minute she decided to be famous and I decided not to be.”
Of course, this contract doesn’t exist, and no one would sign it if it did, but that doesn’t stop us from pretending that the unlicensed publication of personal photos is “part of the job” for famous people.
I don’t want us to talk about selfies and how we should all apologize to these multimillionaires; I want to talk about privacy and rights while the topic is still timely and exciting enough that people will listen. There are a lot of conversations we SHOULD be having, conversations about celebrity culture, conversations about privacy, conversations about how the Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for women and plenty of others, I’m sure. But the Internet, the giant spider web of loud assholes that it is, is blocking those conversations from view with a bunch of white noise about public shaming and other nonsense. We just need to make sure the right conversations have time and space to take place before a week goes by, some other scandal happens, and we all move on to the next thing."






THERE IS A JOHN GREEN QUOTE IN THE MENARDS AD. Why is there a John Green quote in the Menard’s ad?

A very good question.

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Almost two months ago I had a baby. I had forgotten the joys and pitfalls of early parenthood. This is such an exciting point in my life, I can’t wait to wait to watch her grow up way too fast.